What We’ll Do For Evidence!

Game of Thrones Season Seven, Episode #6 (66), “Beyond the Wall,” air date August 20, 2017 This may well be the most perfectly paced, action-filled, character-driven episode of the 66 offerings so far. It had the spectacle scale of “Hard Home” and “Blackwater,” but the character development was reminiscent of the first several seasons. Certainly, […]

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Enter the Dragon

Game of Thrones Season Seven, Episode #5 (65) “Eastwatch” air date August 13, 2017 We are starting to speed to a wrap up of this gargantuan story now.  Two books are missing in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  I often get the feeling that I am watching a Classics Illustrated version of something that has […]

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Reunions Game of Thrones Season Seven, Episode #4 (64) “The Spoils of War” air date August 6, 2017 Game of Thrones is at heart a story of a family scattered to the winds. Once patriarch Eddard Stark took the position of the Hand of King Robert, the dissolution was swift. Jon went north, Arya went […]

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Trumping the Throne

Game of Thrones, “Stormborn,” Season Seven, Episode #2 (72) (air date July 23, 2017) There of course many ways to study the plays of William Shakespeare, but one way of looking at them that always appealed to me was to put them in the context of Elizabethan times. Queen Elizabeth was reportedly quite the fan, […]

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Revenge tastes best…

After blogging six seasons of Homeland, I am back to blogging Game of Thrones.  Off the top of my head, the only resonance between the two shows is the feminine smile of satisfaction at violence well done.  A couple of times super spy Carrie Mathison is out of commission but then makes a heroic come-back, […]

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